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What We Find

People have been curious about what kinds of trash we find at the beach. Much of it is little plastic scraps and broken pieces, and it's impossible to tell what it once was. And some of the things we can identify are no surprise: for example, plastic caps from plastic water or soda bottles are […]... Read More
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Meet Tiny

We’ve been working on Tiny the Baby Dragon for a while now. He’s our mascot, and a great ambassador for Litter Critters, sparking conversations wherever he goes. He has three legs so far, because we ┬ádon’t find moveable parts that often, and we want all his legs to move. Here are some photos. We also […]... Read More
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Impromptu Trash Patrol

Sunday was sunny and blustery, and it was also Free Admission Day at the Exploratorium, so we took our bikes on the BART and rode over to Pier 15. While we waited in the admission line, the wind blew apart a discarded newspaper, and the pieces went skittering all over the place, headed for the […]... Read More